Working With Me

I choose who I work with carefully, because I believe in forming a long-term bond with my clients. By getting to know them better, I understand them better, which allows me to give them a truly personalised service.

Experience you can trust
Two decades spent in the financial industry, including running Capvest Wealth Management, has enabled me to help you successfully secure your financial future. And because we are a 100% independent financial institution, I will provide you with financial advice that is unbiased and completely objective.

Personal bond
Great things happen when people get along. That’s why I like to have an initial consultation with all potential clients to see if a professional relationship is possible. Because we are in this together, we need to work well together.

Limited clients
My time spent at big financial institutions has taught me that taking on too many clients leads to a drop in the quality of service. In order to give only the best, most personalised service, I only take on a limited number of clients.

Tailored Investment Strategy
To give my clients service that’s perfect for their individual needs, I provide them with a tailored wealth strategy. This is a thorough analysis of their personal wealth and a detailed investment plan to secure future financial stability.

At Capvest Wealth Management we make sure that clients have sufficient capital to provide for their income over a long period of time. We are wealth preservers not wealth creators.

Personalised service
Every quarter I visit each of my clients for a one-on-one session. I make myself available 24/7 to answer any queries my clients might have or to share some advice and investment tips.

Practice closed for new clients
My practice has now reached the point that I am not able to take on new clients without negatively impacting these objectives. In the future my focus will only be on managing my current client portfolios, the portfolios of their families and the additional investments added by existing clients. I trust that by closing my practice to new clients (that are not family members of existing clients) I can recommit to the stated objectives.