My Practise – Closed

It has been more than eight years since Anton and I left RMB Private Bank and started Capvest Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd.

Our main objective was to place the interest of clients above our own. We knew that our worth, our strength, our primary merit would reside in adding substantial value to our clients.

In pursuing our objectives, we determined the following:

  • to manage a smaller number of clients;
  • to focus not only on the client but on the client’s family as well, incorporating a wealth strategy for the client that included his family’s investments;
  • to respect each family as unique and hence treat each family uniquely;
  • to personally meet with our clients on a regular basis to discuss their Wealth Strategy; and
  • to investigate investment possibilities with all the asset investment managers in South Africa, committing sufficient time to meet with the managers and provide independent views to our clients.

My practice has now reached the point whereby I am not able to acquire new clients without inversely impacting these objectives.

In the future, my focus will be solely on managing my current client portfolios, the portfolios of their families and the additional investments added by existing clients.

I trust that by restricting my practice to existing clients and their family members, and not receiving any new clients, I hereby recommit to the above original objectives.