Disclosure in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS)

FAIS Legislation requires that Wealth Managers disclose specific information to clients. This information must be disclosed when a new client is introduced or when any significant changes occur within our Wealth Management business. This document, therefore, highlights the information as required by legislation.

The following Wealth Managers are licensed to provide clients with advice:

  • Philip Botha
  • Yzelle Reynolds
  • Anton Meyer
  • Grant Dixon

The Wealth Managers represent the following company as employees:

  • Capvest Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd
  • The registered name of the company is Capvest Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd, Registration Number 2009/021475/07
  • We are an independent financial advisory business and not aligned with any bank, insurance company or investment house

The directors of Capvest Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd are as follows:

  • Philip Botha, representing The Legacy Trust – IT15/2004
  • Anton Meyer

The shareholders of Capvest Wealth Management (PTY) Ltd are as follows:

  • Anton Meyer
  • The Legacy Trust (IT15/2004)

We are experienced Wealth Managers specialising in managing the wealth of high net worth clients:

We have more than 40 years’ experience in the high net worth and private banking environment. We are members of the Financial Planning Institute. Visit the website of the FPI to confirm our membership and better understanding of the FPI.

We have two offices:

Philip Botha & Yzelle Reynolds

225 Spoonbill Way, Xanadu, Hartbeespoort, (012) 259 3856

Office Manager:   Santie Botha

Administrator:  Michael Botha

Anton Meyer & Grant Dixon

25 Culross Road, Bryanston, (011) 591 0599

We are an authorised financial services provider, licensed to render financial services by the Financial Services Board under license number FSP 41026.

This can be confirmed by visiting the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, FSCA website.

Philip Botha has been providing financial advice and intermediary services since 1995 in the following areas:

  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
  • Retirement Planning
  • Death and Disability Planning
  • Investment Planning

We are authorized to provide advice and intermediary services in the following categories (Category 1):

1.3 Long-Term Insurance subcategory B1 x x
1.20 Long-term insurance subcategory B2 x x
1.21 Long-term Insurance subcategory B2-A x x
1.22 Long-term Insurance subcategory B1-A x x
1.24 Structured Deposits x x
1.25 Securities and Instruments x x
1.26 Participatory interest in a hedge fund x x
1.4 Long-Term Insurance subcategory C x x
1.5 Retail Pension Benefits x x
1.7 Pension Funds Benefits x x
1.8 Shares x x
1.9 Money market instruments x x
1.10 Debentures and securitised debt x x
1.11 Warrants, certificates and other instruments x x
1.12 Bonds x x
1.13 Derivative instruments x x
1.14 Participatory interests in a collective investment scheme x x
1.15 Forex investment x x
1.17 Long-term Deposits x x
1.18 Short-term Deposits x x

A copy of our license is available upon request.

Philip Botha’s Class of Business as Key Individual – As per FSCA’s Records is as follows (Category 1):

Long-term Insurance

Pension-Fund Benefit

Short-term and Long-term Deposits


Forex Investments

We have written authority and accreditation to market the investment portfolios of the following investment houses:

360ne Asset Management Franklin Templeton Investment Old Mutual Private Securities
Allan Gray Asset Management GinsGlobal Peregrine Securities
Anchor Capital Glacier (Sanlam) Peregrine Treasury Solutions
Ashburton Investments Investec Asset Management (Ninety One) Prescient Management Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd
Aylett & Co Fund Managers Investec Corporate Management Prudential Portfolio Managers
Bateleur Capital Kagiso Asset Management Quilter Cheviot Investment Management
Boutique Collective Investments (BCI) Kuda Holdings Regarding Capital Management
Catalyst Fund Managers Laurium Capital Reitway Global
Centuar Asset Management Lloyds Bank RMB Private Bank
Contrarius Investment Management Momentum Wealth RMB
CoreShares Momentum Wealth International RSA Retail Bonds
Coronation Asset Management Mundane Asset Management Satrix Index Managers
Credo Group Nedgroup Investment Services Senqu Capital
FNB Securities (Odyssey Asset Management Nedgroup Stock Brokers Sesfikile Capital
Fundsmiith LLP Oakhaven Capital Stanlib Asset Management
Fairtree Asset Management Orbis Investment Management Sygnia Asset Management
Fidelity Asset Management Old Mutual International TBI Investment Managers (ORA)
Foord Asset Management Old Mutual Wealth Visio Capital

We invest into the following Hedge Funds that are unapproved Funds:

36ONE SNN Q1 Hedge fund

36ONE SNN Retail Hedge Fund

Senqu Worldwide Flexible Long Short Prescient R1 Hedge Fund
Peregrine Capital Pure Hedge H4 Q1 Hedge Fund

Peregrine Capital High Growth H4 Q1 Hedge Fund

Life Assurance Products with whom we do new business and administration:

  1. Momentum Life (Myriad)
  2. Old Mutual (Greenlight)

Life Assurance Companies for whom we provide administration services, but do not submit new business to:

  1. PPS
  2. Discovery Life

We do not directly hold more than 10% of an insurer or investment house’s shares.

We did receive more than 30% of our remuneration from Momentum (37% – 2017).

We are remunerated for our services as follows:

  1. An advisory fee is levied as a percentage of the investments under management.
  2. This fee includes our investment management services in terms of our investment philosophy, financial planning, drafting of wills, financial planning related contracts, establishment of new trusts, trust administration, auditing and amending current trust deeds and professional trustee services.
  3. The fee is charged annually but deducted monthly and can be cancelled by the client at any stage.
  4. We do not take upfront fees or commissions on investments.
  5. We receive commission on life policies.

Indemnity Insurance:

We have Professional Indemnity Insurance with Marsh (Pty) (Ltd) for the amount of R10 million (on each and every claim).

Non-Cash Incentives:

We may, from time to time, receive non-cash incentives from product suppliers or indirect consideration from other persons. Our practice protocol is to refuse to accept these incentives. We will provide specific details should you request further information. See our Policy of Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

Privacy Policy:

We wish to advise that all information obtained from or acquired about a client shall remain confidential unless the client provides written consent, or unless we are required by law to disclose such information. See our Private Policy Disclaimer


We have a complaints process in place, a copy of which is available upon request. See our Complaints Resolution Process Disclaimer

We have independent Compliance Officers who review our management of the various acts on a quarterly basis:

  • Masthead (Pty) Ltd
  • Physical address: Western Wood Office Park, 145 Western Services Road, Jacaranda Building, Ground Floor Right Wing, Woodmead, Johannesburg
  • Postal address: PO Box 765, Howard Place, Pinelands, 7450
  • Contact number: (011) 6020200
  • Email address: info@masthead.co.za
  • Compliance Officer: Tracey Wright (073) 198 0713

Disclosure Register:

Please note that in accordance with legislation, we keep an updated disclosure register. This register informs you, our client, of all financial and ownership interests that we may have.

This document, available for inspection, ensures transparency in our dealings with clients. We  invest in the same products in which we advise clients to invest. The names of the unit trust investments and shares in which we and our immediate families invest are available upon request.

Yours faithfully

Capvest Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd

Philip Botha