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The Four Pillars of Investing

The Four Pillars of Investing William J Bernstein 31 August 2014 William Bernstein’s ability to explain investments in a simple manner makes him one of my favorite authors. In The Four Pillars of Investing he explains how you build an investment strategy. I suggest all beginner investors read the book as it forms the basis…
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Investment Mistakes of Millionaire Investors

In our third quarter investment reviews, we discussed the Felicity Duncan article: The 5 Mistakes that Millionaire Investors make. The article was published on Moneyweb and they kindly allowed us to use it in the video. In the video we use Carl Richards’ drawings to highlight the mistakes and discuss how our Wealth Strategy prevent…
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Client Survey Results – 2014

We annually request clients to provide us with feedback to ensure that we meet our clients’ investment needs and also that our service meets their expectations. We are humbled by our clients’ response and strive to improve on the high standards that have been set.

Beneficiaries – Not entitled to the proceeds!

Investors must be aware that nominating a beneficiary on a retirement fund does not give that beneficiary the right to the proceeds at your death. Retirement funds include retirement annuities, preservation funds and your employers pension or provident fund. The payment of the proceeds is regulated by section 37C of the Pension  Funds Act that…
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October Asset Class Returns

In a reversal from the previous month’s difficulties, October ended up being a good month for the local market. All asset classes recorded positive returns, with vanilla bonds recording a notable 3.41% return, followed by inflation-linked bonds with 1.43% , equities at 1.01% (after being down more than 5% in mid October) and listed properties shooting the lights out with 6.8%.

Money Market Account vs. Money Market Fund

What is the difference between a Money Market Fund and a Money Market Account? In discussion with clients, they are often unsure of the difference between a Money Market Account and a Money Market Fund: Money Market Account:  This account is linked to your current account and makes transfers from the Money Market Account to…
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Understanding the Basics of Trusts

The purpose of this post is to outline the basic concepts and explain how a trust is used so that you do have background knowledge before we discuss the use of a trust in your estate planning.