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Stock Pick Competition: Final Results

The final results of our stock pick competition is available and its a huge congratulations to Tess – Trustco returned 152% for the year. Tess was followed by Telkom that had a great turn around (142%). Proving that last years winners does not necessarily translate in to the next years winners – Poynting ended 39%…
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Here's a tax break: use it!

From 1 March 2015, individual investors can invest up to R30 000 a year in Tax Free Savings Accounts. The magical benefits are: 1. No income tax on any interest earned; 2. No withholding tax on any dividends; and 3. No capital gains tax when funds are withdrawn. Structure of the investment: Paying no tax…
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February 2015 Asset Class Returns

After the staggering bond performance in January, equities reclaimed the throne as best performer, returning 4.1% during February.

January 2015 Asset Class Returns

Listed property gained even more in January – a staggering 7%. Bonds had its best monthly return (6%) in the last 6 years. Attached the January “Smartie box”.

Procter & Gamble, the Strong Dollar and Pepto Bismol

Tony Sagami writes for Mauldin Economics and he graciously allowed me to use his article to make an important point: the strong dollar could be bad for the S&P 500! Nearly half the income of the S&P 500 companies are from outside the US … Tony explains the impact: Applied Materials. Boeing. Coach. Ford. Intel….
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December Asset Class Returns

Equity markets started December on the back foot but thanks to a 4.5% spike in the market on one day the local equity market managed to limit its loss to 0.1%. The JSE returned 10.9% for the year (that includes the dividend – 7.4% without the dividend). Keeping in mind that inflation for 2014 should…
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Three Graphs That Summarises 2014

Its that time of the year when you start thinking about the events that influenced our investment returns: January: the Reserve Bank surprising the market with a 0.5% interest rate hike – stock markets and listed property plummeted; February: Platinum Strike; March: The Ukraine/Russia skirmish; June: RSA rating downgrades; July: Platinum Strike ends; August: African Bank…
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The Global Fallout of the Rising Dollar – Eddy Elfenbein

I have been following Eddy Elfenbein’s e-letters (Crossing Wall Street) for years. His incite into the US equity market and his ability to foresee changing investments themes makes interesting reading. Eddie has graciously allowed me to add an extract from his latest newsletter to the webpage. He focuses on the implications of the stronger dollar….
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November Asset Class Returns

Volatility stayed with us during November with local and international equity markets swinging between profits and losses on a daily basis. The big story in November was the oil price, falling. 40% since hitting a $116 high in August last year and closing November at $70. That is a 4 year low. The falling oil price put…
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Stock Pick Competition Standings: November 2014

Attached the spreadsheet wit our stock picks as at close of trade yesterday. Our 5 leaders: Trustco – 194% – chosen by Tess Telkom – 116% – chosen by Bad Brad Ascendis Health – 64% – chosen by Lappies Netcare – 63% – chosen by Doc Danie Apple – 60% – chosen by Miekie As…
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