2020 Market Crash

Are we there yet!! – 29 June 2020


Grab a bucket oil is free!! – 21 April 2020

Links to the references I made in the video:

  1. Clyde Rossouw (Ninety One) – Ninety One Global Franchise Fund
  2. Howard Marks – Knowledge of the future


Fitch Downgrade and Market Update – 7 April 2020

Links to the references I made in the video:

  1. Philip Bradford (Sasfin) – Discussion bond yields in countries that have been downgraded and asset classes. 
  2. Deon Gouws (Credo) – Coronavirus: some questionable mathematics?
  3. Kevin Lings (Stanlib) – Coronavirus impact and world recession 


Moody’s Downgrade – Kicking us when we down! Philip Botha 30 March 2020

The video refers to the Moody’s report and you can download it here. Also read the views of Nolan Dippenaar (Anchor Capital) here, Alwyn van der Merwe (Sanlam) here and Kevin Links (Stanlib) here.

In the video I mention that the latest recovery could be a “dead cat bounce”. This means a bull rally in a bear market. It is impossible to say were the bottom of the market is therefor we caution against trying to time the bottom of the market. This article by Ben Carlson gives a short history of “dead cat bounces”.

You can read the investment houses view on the market crash by clicking on their names:

I’m scared. Now what? Philip Botha 23 March 2020

Moody’s downgrade: The implications for investing in SA

Nolan Dippenaar of Anchor Capital discusses the implications of the downgrade for South Africa.

You can read the article here.

36ONE Performance and Positioning: . 27 March 2020

36One Asset Management gives feedback on their asset allocation and performance to date.

Note that the hedge fund is flat for the year despite the markets been negative 28%. You can read the full article here.

Allan Gray’s View (COVID-19: Evaluating market risk versus opportunity) – Duncan Artus – 25 March 2020

Duncan Artus, Allan Gray, discusses the context, the portfolios and the opportunity set, encouraging investors to try to behave rationally during this extremely unsettling time. Watch here.

Andrew Lapping’s article, Coronavirus: Taking stock of the state of the markets, (referred to in the video) you can read here.

Prescient Income Provider Fund – 25 March 2020

You can read the feedback from the fund managers of the Prescient Income Provider Fund here.

Coronation’s View (Managing your capital through a time of crisis) Karl Leinburger – 18 March 2020

Karl Leinburger shares his views on the crisis. You can read the full article here.

The summary for the lazy readers:

  • Covid1 is a ‘perfect storm’ infection, combining virulence with fatality; governments and markets underestimated it
  • Our view is that it will end with a vaccine +12 months hence, but hope that an existing remedy will be effective
  • This is a human tragedy and an economic crisis with immense fallout; times are tough
  • We must hold our line and identify opportunity and risk, and act accordingly in the best interests of our clients, stakeholders and the SA economy